FrameForge Previz Studio Storyboard Creation Software wins Emmy for Technical Achievement

tech-award-winnerInnoventive Software, LLC is pleased and honored to announce that the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has awarded it an Emmy® for Technical Achievement for their flagship Pre-visualization Software, FrameForge Previz Studio. “Everyone thinks of storyboarding software as something to use if you can’t draw,” says Ken Schafer, president and lead program architect at Innoventive Software, LLC. “But this Emmy® recognizes what our users have known all along... that FrameForge Previz Studio does so much more than just create storyboards: it solves problems, it allows for experimentation and exploration, and it makes the preproduction process far more valuable in ways that even the most gorgeously drawn storyboards never can.” In fact, one of the key criteria for this Emmy was that the pre-visualization capability of this software allows the user to test and solve real-world production issues during pre-production, saving time and money by eliminating the requirement to perform physical tests on-set until convinced of the final design. “There is another common misconception that an optically accurate previs program requires a lot of time and training to use,” Schafer continued, “but this award recognizes the contributions that FrameForge Previz Studio has brought to shows such as Marvels Agents of SHIELD, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Downton Abbey. And you know if it can work in a television production schedule, it can work for any project.” For more information on FrameForge Previz Studio, including real-world case studies, please check-out our website FrameForge Previz Studio is available now in 3 versions to meet the needs and budget for video and filmmakers at every level.
  • Previz Studio Core Edition - $379.00
  • Previz Studio Pro Edition - Everything in the Core Edition plus Physical cameras and lighting - $569.00
  • Previz Studio Stereographic 3D Edition - Everything in the Pro Edition plus award-winning tools for S3D Filmmaking, including real-time multi-rig setups - $849
  • Each of these versions may also be upgraded at the time of purchase with the Premium version that includes 6 full Expansion Packs (a nearly $600 value for a fraction of the price)!
Click here to purchase FrameForge Previz Studio now at

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