Future Broadcaster's Success from Learning Avid Workflows

Screen Shot 06-04-15 at 02.57 PMI've been saying it for years. If you are planning on going into the film or broadcast industry you need to learn Avid. A few years ago that just meant learning Media Composer. Today it means all of the Avid workflows, better known as Avid Everywhere. In today's fast paced, I need it done yesterday, broadcast enviroments learning the Avid collaboration tools and workflow will give you a significant leg up on the competiton in starting your career.
Avid blogs by Ken Moreno

When I first came to FHSU, coursework was focused on producing “backyard” content, such as YouTube videos that were fun to make, but didn’t hold much weight. FHSU has gone on to make immense progress in preparing its students for future careers. From our initial attempts at simple videos, I was recently part of a team that took home ten Kansas Association Broadcasting Awards this year.

I am very grateful for the changes at FHSU and the doors that it will open for me. During my senior year, FHSU went the direction of the professional media industry and made the decision to go all in for Avid Everywhere. I remember learning of this change and the excitement that came with it. As a Media Studies student, I had always been aware of Avid’s products: I knew they were used by the big 5 broadcasting networks, I knew they were the products of professionals, and I had often heard “you have to learn Media Composer if you want to go to Hollywood.” But I had never been afforded the chance to actually use these products and – I am not joking – our school is now outfitted in Avid EVERYTHING! read more...

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