The Future of TV in the Mid-Digital Age

future of tvThis is a must read for content creators and any one in the broadcasting industry. The author makes a strong case that the future of TV is not in apps but in a much simpler and radically changed landscape of user interaction.
The new world of TV is unbundled from time, removed from pipe and device agnostic. Our viewing habits have become more extreme, vacillating between the ultra-short, 20-second clip of a bee pulling nails from a wall, or the snatched 15 seconds of mannequin challenge, smashed uncomfortably against the 12-hour binge of Narcos or Black Mirror. A New Way To Watch TV. We’re in the mid-digital age, but we live with the legacy of analog systems, technology and thinking that’s only embellished by the technologies of our new era. I’ve 5 remote controls to watch my TV, I now need to consider the input device before the show. My Chromescast is seemingly only controlled by my phone. We’ve global rights issues with most content, we’ve 4K codecs that don’t work on Vizio TV’s, we’ve apps missing from app stores. It’s agonizingly complex. As TV slowly recognizes the internet we should adopt new thinking and architecture. I want my primary screen to be a search bar. A search bar that pulls in content from every provider that I subscribe to (or that is free). I want it to prioritize ad-free content over ad funded. 4K content over SD...[continue reading on]

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