FXHome HitFilm Pro Hands On Review

Here's a solid review of FXHome's HitFilm Pro video editing software. It's strong on VFX and one of the most affordable options on the market. If you are looking for an affordable editing suite, this would be an excellent alternative to Premiere Pro or Media Composer, particularly if your projects require added effects. From StreamingMedia.com

This article continues our series of reviews of alternative nonlinear editors from the perspective of a longtime Premiere Pro editor with a look at HitFilm Pro from FXhome.

This article continues our series of looking at a few alternative NLEs from the perspective of a longtime Premiere Pro editor. FXhome’s HitFilm Pro is a relative newcomer to the nonlinear editing software scene. I would best sum up HitFilm Pro by saying that if Adobe made this, it would be called Premiere Effects, because FXhome has really done a pretty good job at mashing up a good NLE with a very good compositing application. It's like taking Premiere Pro and After Effects and making them all inside of one application.

UI Layout

To begin, let’s look at the general layout of the application. At the very top of Figure 1 (below), you can see there are four buttons: Home, Project, Edit, and Export. That’s your workflow as you open the application, what you'll see first and where you'd go from there....read more

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