G-SPEED Shuttle XL Reviewed as Perfect Field Partner for 5K Rushes

G-Tech G-Speed Shuttle XLIf you are looking for rugged, reliable and large capacity RAID storage for work in the field, G-Technology's G-SPEED Shuttle XL is ideal. This is a great review of the Shuttle XL straight from the field.
“Shooting on DRAGONs, mainly in 6K and 5K, means that we are churning through a lot of data for each shoot. Having the option on-set of fast simultaneous backups, but in a RAID 5 configuration is great. Also having such a large ‘reserve’ of storage means that on longer and international shoots, there’s less fear of running out of storage space. “We have been using G-Tech drives for a long time and this drive really carries on what we like about their products. Reliable. Simple. And works without having to read the manual! It’s plug and play really...[read the full article on DefinitionMagazine.com]

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