G-TECH 4K Video & AUDIO Workflow- Mega Storage, Fast Speeds & Reliability

If you've been keeping up with these articles then you have probably noticed a trend. When we talk about storage devices we hit the specifications of how they work with high-res photo and video media. But what about audio? Especially for video production, audio is a huge part of most projects in any media today. In this article G-Technology reaches out to G-TEAM director Michael Coleman about what needs are specific to audio storage. To spoil it for you: Coleman admits most audio needs can be fulfilled by just about any G-Technology drive he reaches for first. That the audio files are considerably smaller than video and photo files and most G-Technology drives he has at his disposal like the G-DRIVE ev RAW SSD ev ATC Thunderbolt can take care of them quickly and easily. For what the future holds, it seems that the audio needs of tomorrow might very well be fulfilled by the video needs of today.

“The fun of this industry is that the technology is always evolving,” Michael says. “We didn’t stop at 2K or 4K, right? But for a long time, I wasn’t shooting at 4K. I thought I had no need for it. Now, all I shoot is 4K. Because I made a personal commitment that I want to future-proof my projects and maximize the quality of my content. So yeah, I’m shooting larger files, but by adopting things like SSD and Thunderbolt 3, my total transfer times are actually less than they were before. I mean, I just handed off a 100GB color correction session for a documentary on a G-DRIVE ev RaW SSD in an ev Thunderbolt ATC enclosure, and I expected it to take the better part of an hour, because that’s what I’m used to. Instead, I had an extra half hour to get more stuff done.””

And sometimes technological evolution pushes a professional to evolve. Like many others, Michael is already eyeing how to enter the VR market, which will make the demands of 4K look like standard definition. What chance is there that a storage drive bought “just for audio” will have any role there? Why not prepare for the future and save time and money in the long run?...[continue reading]

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