G-Tech Announces MAJOR Price reductions!!

G-RaidG-Tech is kicking the year off with a big bang! They announced new lower pricing on the company’s award winning line of G-RAID FireWire 800 storage solutions for content creators. In contrast to other manufacturers of FireWire storage that choose to focus primarily on price, G-Tech has made price cuts without sacrificing G-RAID’s renowned quality. “The popularity of G-RAID has enabled G-Tech to negotiate lower pricing on the same high quality components that we have always used,† commented Roger Mabon, President of G-Technology, Inc. “G-Tech’s innovative design coupled with the best components available has secured G-RAID’s place as the highest performance and most reliable dual-drive FireWire 800 solution available. While I expect that our competitors will continue to focus on price over quality, G-Tech will continue to focus on making the highest quality storage solutions at affordable prices.† G-RAID 320GB now $355.00 G-RAID 500GB now $495.00 G-RAID 1,000 GB now $1,095.00 G-Tech also announced price drops on G-SATA external RAID solutions. If your motherboard offers external SATA connection, all you have to do is attach your G-SATA drive and start editing! If you don’t have external SATA ports, don’t worry - each G-SATA ships with a PCI-X SATA Controller card. G-SATA 320GB now $375.00 G-SATA 500GB now $515.00 G-SATA 1,000GB now $1,115.00 G-SATA 148GB w/ 10,000RPM drives now $655.00 Click here for more info and to order

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