G-Tech G-Raid 2-day sale 10/21 to 10/22!

G-Tech G-Raid 2-day sale Wed. Oct. 20th and Thursday Oct. 21st!
4th generation G-Raids 1, 2 & 4TB sizes are in stock!

$20 OFF any G-RAID with coupon code GRAID20

G-Tech G-RAIDs have been our top recommendation for best video storage since they were first introduced and we awarded it Top New Product in 2004. The G-Tech GRAID 4th Generation keeps up their tradition of excellence and once again shows why they are the defacto standard for video editing storage.

The G-RAID4 includes eSata connectivity plus USB2, FW800 and FW400 with the included adapter cable. eSata lets you get the highest possible data rates and performance. More and more motherboards now include an eSata port so adding the G-RAID 4 requires no additional hardware. If your motherboard does not have eSata you can simply use one of the other three interfaces or add an inexpensive eSata connection yourself.

It is their superior design that makes G-RAIDs so much better than the external storage solutions of the competition. G-RAIDs are sleek and sexy, taking their design cues from Apple, and they are engineered for the video editing environment. Heat is the enemy of your hard drives. G-RAIDs have superior cooling that protects your drives and allows them to operate at peak performance and reliability for years. Unlike most competitive solutions that cut corners on cooling and materials, G-Tech uses only the best – down to the drives they include inside each G-RAID. They have the highest quality standards and controls in the industry - which is why they are the most reliable and dependable video storage company and why G-Raids are our go-to choice for video storage.

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