G-Technology G-DRIVE mobile USB-C Selected as Top External Drive by PDN: PhotoDistrictNews

Looking for a top-rated portable external hard drive? We can't recommend G-Technology's hardware enough. This review from PDN, Photo District News puts the G-Drive mobile USB-C in the mix of 14 Top external drives. Get the drive here. Here's what they have to say:

G-Technology G-DRIVE mobile USB-C

From PDN g-drive-mobile-usb-cThe G-DRIVE uses a USB Type-C connector and draws all the power it needs from a USB connection. It includes a USB-C cable and a USB-C-to-A cable so you can use the drive with older USB-A devices. It delivers 1TB of storage capacity and is sold in gold, space gray and silver—the better to match Apple’s MacBook, if you’re the color-coordinating type. You’ll enjoy transfer rates up to 136 MB/s. While the drives are formatted out-of-the-box for Macs, they can be reformatted for Windows via a free software download from G-Technology. If you need more storage, the company’s G-DRIVE Mobile USB drives come in 2TB and 3TB capacities but use the older USB Type A connection.

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