Get Fast in Final Cut Pro -- FAST!

Creative Cow by Dustin Lau

Article Focus: It doesn't make you a better FCP editor, but no matter what kind of work you do, speed still matters. Cow author Dustin Lau shares some tips and tricks to accelerate your work in Final Cut Pro that even the old dogs haven't used before.

Let's get one thing straight.

Being fast does not make you a good editor. There are certain situations in which speed is the premium, either due to deadlines, workload or budget, but in the long run, being fast isn't quite enough.

Bearing that in mind, speed is still an important part of your arsenal.

What gets you on your way is mastering your tools so that you have the quickest translation of what you see in your mind to what you execute to the cut. This tutorial won't cover the more obvious basics of getting faster in FCP. I think there's plenty out there that covers that. Hopefully, there are enough tricks here that even the old dogs haven't used before. read more...

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