Get a look at G-Tech's G-RACK 12 from Cine Gear Expo 2016

The G-RACK 12 is built to be able to handle anything you have to throw at it g-rack-12-cine-gearOne of the bigger announcements to come out of NAB was G-Tech’s release of the G-RACK 12, which won multiple awards at the event. Cine Gear 2016 gave us the opportunity to explore a few of the key features of this product to find out what makes it unique. The G-RACK 12 is a centralized storage platform combines high-performance shared storage for video editing and creative applications in a small form factor. All of the specs are available on their data sheet, but the scalability of the unit along with a 5 year warranty are just a couple of the features that few other products can match. The enterprise data hard drives that are shipped with the unit also highlight the level of reliability that users can expect from it. One of the case studies featured on G-Tech’s site focuses on how Ted Pacult, editor of Portlandia, realized they were going to reach their storage capacity limit in the middle of their more recent season. Pacult jumped at the chance to try out G-Tech’s first rackmount network storage product, and detailed how the G-RACK 12 has been able to handle anything they had to throw at it....[continue reading]

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