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3D, VFX and motion graphics artist Mike Griggs introduces Adobe's video editing tool Premiere Pro and offers some pro tips on how to use it.

For a long time, Adobe Premiere Pro was an also-ran in the non-linear editing market. But recent controversial changes to Final Cut Pro, plus the bundling of Adobe's tool with the Creative Cloud, means that nowadays Premiere is everywhere.

In my opinion that's a great thing, as it's one of the friendliest and fastest editing environments on the market. And thanks to the Creative Cloud subscription model it's getting updated with new features regularly. If you haven't used Premiere Pro for a few versions or are new to the world of editing, it's well worth investigating.

Why it's gained traction
There are a couple of reasons why Premiere Pro has picked up some traction over the past couple of years. One is that Apple decided to change Final Cut Pro (for better or for worse) into Final Cut Pro X, which left a gap in the market.

Many Final Cut editors also had a copy of Adobe Production Premium for After Effects and Photoshop, which happened to have a copy of Premiere Pro bundled. This meant that a lot of editors tried Premiere Pro at the same time as Final Cut Pro X and found out that Premiere acted more like Final Cut Pro than Final Cut Pro X did. Plus in many ways Premiere was easier to use than either version of Final Cut. read more...

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