Gnarbox: Small Wonder Lets Content Creators Leave Laptops Behind!

This article from walks you through the ins and outs of the Gnarbox device - a portable, ruggedized small computer / storage device / mini app-based footage editor. It's an innovative device for footage you capture with your GoPro action camera - or the like. Ever wanted to edit your footage while on location and easily share it to social media? This'll do it. Read on for more details:

...I feel this product is for people that are on the go and traveling to places that require you to travel light and just want to have some fun with your pictures and videos in the moment. Especially if you are using higher quality cameras to capture with..... ...The GNARBOX is an interesting device that tries to do a lot for all your multimedia. For the casual social media sharing type person that doesn’t need or want a precisely edited piece but just wants to share with the world what that ski trip or hike was like then I think you will love the GNARBOX..[continue reading]

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