GoPro's rival launched 4K 60fps action camera 1st!

The RedShark News Staff released some important information about the world of action cameras!

GoPro rival first to launch 4K 60fps action camera

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Chinese developer Yi Technologies has teased a new 4K action camera ahead of CES which it claims will be the first to shoot at 60 frames a second.
60fps is, of course, pretty useful to the sports video market where faster frame rates can make motion appear less blurred, while at the same time giving editors more options for slow motion. Specifics of the Yi 4K+ are being kept under wraps until the show next week, but it’s a fair bet it will be near identical to Yi's 4K 30fps model which contained a Sony IMX337 sensor and squarely targets GoPro’s Hero 4. That model, costing just $249, included a 2.19-inch display, two hours of battery life and the ability to stream video over WiFi. The GoPro comparison is the company’s own. On release of the Yi 4K last summer it published a side by side spec sheet and YouTube video of footage shot with both cameras. Read the full article here!

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