Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 7 is here! Special offers, upgrades and bundles!

ORDER EDIUS Pro 6.5 Today and Get a FREE UPGRADE to EDIUS Pro 7 direct from Grass Valley!
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ORDER EDIUS Pro 6.5 Today and Get a FREE UPGRADE
to EDIUS Pro 7 direct from Grass Valley!

Plus... a FREE Class On Demand Black Card for 2-years of FREE Online Access to "Complete Training for EDIUS Pro" - a $149 value!

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Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 6.5Real Time Editing—Right Now

It's simple: EDIUS® Pro 7 is the fastest and most versatile real time editing software—4K, 3D, HD, SD, and almost any format from 24x24 to 4Kx2K, all on the same timeline, even in nested sequences, all in real time. And now EDIUS has partnered with Blackmagic Design to support its PCIe DeckLink 4K Extreme and Thunderbolt-based UltraStudio 4K capture and playback devices for the most affordable 4K workflows.

EDIUS Pro 7 means more resolutions, unlimited tracks, and real-time editing for the ability to Edit Anything, Anywhere. EDIUS Pro 7 is the perfect finishing tool for broadcast news, newsmagazine content, and studio programs, as well as corporate, documentary, and 4K theatrical productions.

That's why broadcasters, production houses, media departments, and video professionals worldwide choose Grass Valley® EDIUS for multiformat editing.

Click here to learn more about Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 7 with the complete FAQ with more details on 64-bit support, Hardware & SOftware suppoert and more!

Class On Demand Training Black Card - Single Title for 2 yearsFREE CLASS-ON-DEMAND TRAINING!
Purchase EDIUS Pro now through 9/30/13 and Videoguys will include a FREE Class On Demand Black Card
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With Class On Demand's Edius training, you'll learn to use Edius Pro's powerful and precise editing tools to create content in any format. Grass Valley's Edius Pro gives you more flexibility than ever before, and your host, Michael Downey, will help you master the software.


Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 6.5
Crossgrade Special

Save $100 off our regular $399 crossgrade sale price - plus get a FREE Upgrade to Edius 7 and a FREE Class On Demand Training Black Card

Crossgrade from any video editing software from Apple, Avid, Adobe, Sony, Pinnacle or Grass Valley EDIUS 5 or below to Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 6.5 for less than $300 - for a limited time only! All you need to qualify for the crossgrade is to email a screenshot of the "About" page from your qualifying software that shows the product, version & serial number.

Grass Valley
EDIUS Pro 6.5 Full version, New License

with FREE Upgrade to 7 and FREE COD Training Black Card

Grass Valley
EDIUS Pro 6.5
Upgrade from EDIUS 6

with FREE Upgrade to 7
and FREE Class On Demand Training Black Card

Grass Valley
EDIUS Pro 7 Upgrade from EDIUS 6.5
FREE Class On Demand
Training Black Card

For customers who
purchased Edius 6.5
prior to June 1st, 2013

EDIUS–More Formats, More Workflows
EDIUS nonlinear editing software is designed for any broadcast and postproduction environment, especially those using newer, tapeless forms of video recording and storage.

Ultimate File-based Workflow
Perfect for file-based workflows, EDIUS offers real-time, multi-track, mixed-format editing, compositing, chromakeying, titling, and timeline output capabilities. In addition to the standard formats supported by the EDIUS family of NLEs, EDIUS supports P2 DVCPRO, AVC-Intra, XDCAM, Ikegami GF, RED, and Canon’s XF and EOS movie formats. It also supports capturing from tape devices such as DV and HDV.

Exceptional Mixed Format Editing
Featuring unrivaled real-time video transcoding technology, EDIUS converts between HD and SD resolutions, aspect ratios, and frame rates—all in real time. You can edit in HD and place 4:3 SD video, or mix NTSC and PAL sources, or combine them all into projects in other resolutions and frame rates without wasting a single moment on conversion or rendering.

New Free HQX Codec for 10-bit Video Workflow
EDIUS features the revolutionary HQX codec for 10-bit video support. Designed with scalable technology, this innovative codec offers the highest image quality and performance available in any HD editing platform. The HQX codec not only provides superior luma and chroma sampling of HD video, but features an adjustable bit rate for increased video quality when capturing and encoding on high-performance systems. Using HQX, you can also combine and export video with graphics using the alpha channel. In addition to the PC-based HQ/HQX codecs, a QuickTime version of Grass Valley’s HQ and 10-bit HQX codec (for Windows and Mac platforms), are also available for free download.

New Features in EDIUS Pro 7

  • Third-party I/O hardware support for Blackmagic, with Matrox and AJA support coming in a future update
  • Faster handling of large quantities of still image files (JPG, TGA, DPX, and others)
  • Improved MPEG encoder speed and quality
  • Improved H.264/AVC decoder
  • Optimization for 4th generation Intel Core processor family architecture
  • Gaussian blur filter

Key features:

  • Work natively with many different video formats, such as Sony’s XDCAM, Panasonic’s P2, Ikegami’s GF, Canon’s XF format, and now RED native
  • Fast, flexible user interface, including unlimited video, audio, title, and graphics tracks
  • Real-time editing and conversion of different resolutions, as high as 4K/2K resolution to as low as 24x24
  • Real-time editing and conversion of different frame rates, such as 60p/50p, 60i/50i, and 24p
  • Real-time effects, keyers, transitions, and titles
  • Proxy mode workflow by switching timeline between proxy/hi-res mode
  • Nested timeline sequences
  • Multicamera editing of up to 16 different sources simultaneously
  • Direct to Blu-ray Disc and DVD timeline export
  • Export in AVCHD format to a media card
  • Windows 7 support (32-bit/64-bit)
    (Windows XP/Vista not supported)
  • Color correction tool supports 10-bit color depth
  • Export sequence with alpha channel
  • Native RED (.R3D) support
  • Improved XDCAM/ P2 data transfer
  • 3D (stereoscopic) editing
  • AVCHD 2.0 support
  • EOS movie support (ALL-I (I-only), IPB)
  • Camera RAW format support
  • Filmstrip view in Timeline
  • Enhanced video layouter (drop shadow, resize quality)
  • Built-in loudness meter
  • Built-in shake stabilizer
  • 720p Blu-ray authoring support
  • Flash F4V export
  • QuickTime HQ/HQX codec (Windows/Mac)
  • Export sequence with alpha channel
  • Alpha channel support for nested sequences

EDIUS Pro 7 Free Upgrade

1. Description

Free upgrade program for customers who have purchased EDIUS Pro 6.5 software/hardware from June 1st, 2013 until September 30th, 2013.
*This program does not include EDIUS 6.5 Turnkey / K2 EDIUS Connect users or customers using system integrated packages. EDIUS Elite is not included in this program.

2. Eligible Customers

EDIUS 6.5 products eligible for the free upgrade program:

  • EDIUS Pro 6.5
  • EDIUS Pro 6.5 Upgrade
  • EDIUS Pro 6.5 Education
  • EDIUS Pro 6.5 Crossgrade
  • Certain downloaded products are also eligible

EDIUS 6.5 hardware packages:

  • STORM Mobile Breakout Box/Bay with
  • EDIUS Pro 6.5
  • HDSPARK with EDIUS Pro 6.5
  • HDSPARK with EDIUS Pro 6.5 Upgrade for
  • EDIUS 6 Users
  • HDSPARK Pro with EDIUS Pro 6.5
  • STORM 3G with EDIUS Pro 6.5
  • STORM 3G Elite with EDIUS Pro 6.5

Purchase date

  • June 1st, 2013 to September 30th, 2013

Registration date

  • July 25th, 2013 to October 31st, 2013

3. Requirements

Information to register

  • Customer Name
  • Email address (valid email address required)
  • EDIUS 6.5 serial number
  • Purchase date / purchase location
  • Proof of purchase (.JPEG, .JPG, .GIF, or. PNG scan of receipt)

4. Distribution
Free upgrades will be provided via electronic download only. A link to the download page of the installation software and a serial number for online activation will be provided by email.


Titling Bundles

Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 6.5 Crossgrade with NewBlue Titler Pro

& NewBlue Titler Pro

Create beautiful, complex and compelling 3D and 2D titles faster than ever with the native EDIUS Pro plugin interface of NewBlue Titler Pro. Tap into rich styles and dynamic animations, which will enliven your production with a quick to learn interface for immediate, stunning results.

bundles starting at...

Effects Bundles

Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 6.5 Crossgrade with Boris FX 10

& Boris FX 10

Boris FX 10 adds realistic lighting, advanced keying and color correction, image restoration tools, compositing, DVE, vector paint, and more making it a great value for effects creation in Grass Valley EDIUS Pro.

bundles starting at...

Storage Bundles

Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 6.5 Upgrade with G-Tech G-RAID 4TB

& G-Tech Storage

Combine EDIUS Pro with the G-Tech G-RAID or G-SPEED Q storage solutions for fast and reliable RAID storage for all of your SD & HD video content.

G-RAIDs affordable RAID-0 storage solutions are the perfect solution to get the throughput you need for HD videos at a great price.

G-RAID 4TB bundles start at...

Blu-ray Bundles

Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 6.5 Upgrade Blu-ray Disc Bundle

& BlustorXL

Finally, a complete Blu-ray Archiving solution for EDIUS Editors! The BluStor bundle includes everything you need to back up your your raw media, digital video productions, photos, multimedia, music & more to high-capacity, long-term reliable and secure Blu-ray discs!

Bundles starting at...
$449.00 & Effects MEGA Bundles

EDIUS Pro with
NewBlue Titler Pro & Boris FX 10

Save even more when you combine EDIUS Pro with two of the Videoguys' top recommended plug-ins.
MEGA Bundles starting at...



Grass Valley HDSPARK - Hardware Only

Grass Valley HDSPARK
for HDMI/AV Monitoring

The Grass Valley HDSPARK™ supports video professionals who are using tapeless acquisition and want to use affordable HDMI monitors to preview full-resolution projects in real time. The HDSPARK platform is available with the EDIUS Pro software, and a standalone version with only the HDSPARK board.

with EDIUS Pro

Grass Valley STORM 3G Hardware Only

Grass Valley STORM 3G
3G SDI I/O for Editing with HDMI Output

STORM 3G hardware is a premium, high-quality solution for multi-format editing—one that supports 3G-SDI-based editing and tapeless workflows and the ability to preview projects in real time, using affordable HDMI monitors. Based on the PCI Express form factor, it includes EDIUS nonlinear editing software, 3G-SDI inputs and outputs, an HDMI video output for full-resolution, real-time preview monitoring, and embedded HDMI audio for high-quality audio monitoring.

Bundle! STORM 3G
with EDIUS Pro

Grass Valley STORM Mobile with EDIUS 6, PCIe & ExpressCard Adpters

Grass Valley STORM Mobile I/O Box with HDMI & Analog I/O

STORM™ Mobile is a new PCIe-1X/Express34 connected I/O box that provides analog/HDMI input/output for desktop PCs and laptops using EDIUS. Many conventional HD editing systems compromise video quality to provide real-time editing functions. STORM Mobile delivers genuine real-time, HD-resolution editing—including full-quality, full frame rate HD output—to an HDMI-enabled video monitor directly from the timeline. STORM Mobile is packaged with a full version of the latest EDIUS nonlinear editing software. With STORM Mobile, you can work with HDMI, analog video, and audio.

Bundle! STORM Mobile, Both PCIe card & ExpressCard adapters and EDIUS Pro

Grass Valley STORM 3G Elite with EDIUS Pro 6.5

Grass Valley
STORM 3G Elite
Dual 3G SDI, HDMI & Analog Interface

STORM 3G Elite consists of a breakout box with a PCIe 4X I/F card for desktop connection (4X mode: up to 1080p50/60) as well as an Express 34 card (1X mode: up to 1080i) for laptop connection. It ships with a full version of EDIUS Pro. STORM 3G Elite provides the most comprehensive, most complete signal interface available today. Video interfaces include dual 3G SDI, which can be used as either one 3G SDI signal or one pair of high definition and standard definition signal outputs. Other interfaces include 1080p-capable HDMI I/O, composite (SD only), and component (up to 1080i) analog video I/O.

Bundle! STORM 3G Elite,Both PCIe card & ExpressCard adapters & EDIUS Pro

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