Great Free Adobe Premiere Tutorial

Premiere Pro is a staple in the video editing, NLE space.  Many editors are looking to jump in and learn the program to it's fullest extent, to better elevate their skill level and craft.  

For those working with the best production tools and storage solutions, you should also be pushing your post production workflow to it's fullest extent. The following video is a great resource for those looking to truly master their post production workflow, or just step up the quality of their editing work with premiere. 

Check out this tutorial on getting started with
Adobe Premiere Pro to learn more.


"Get a semester's worth of Premiere Pro in under 2.5 hours from Adobe Master Trainer Valentina Vee. Learn everything you need to get started editing in Premiere Pro right now."

-Adobe Video & Motion

Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Check out some storage solutions to help elevate your post production workflow, HERE.

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