Great Guide to LiveU Cellular Bonding

Cellular bonding allows news stations, sports broadcasters and producers to create top of the line live broadcasts. In fact, the use of cellular bonding is so common, that you've probably seen it and never noticed.

LiveU is largely responsible for the popularity of cellular bonding, dating back twelve years- when they released their first cellular bonding solution. From there many of their products eliminate the need for microwave or satellite trucks when recording live video. Fast forward to today, and LiveU is the standard for live news and reporting.

LiveU took the online live industry three years ago as well, using the same technology they're known for and incorporating it into a smaller package- a plug and play encoder. This allowed them to not only enter the online streaming market, but become a major player.

Today, it is easier than ever for anybody to get into Live Streaming. Social Media platforms like YouTube and Facebook allow users to stream at the click of a button. However, anybody who seriously wants to enter the world of Live Broadcasting will eventually need a more robust solution than the built in ones provided by these websites.

Simply put, going live with your cellphone does not guarantee quality in your stream. Bandwidth also fluctuates frequently, especially depending on geographic location. That's where cellular bonding comes in.

Many content creators started streaming outdoors using their cell phones simply because there was no alternative way to do it that they were aware of OR other solution were just out of their price range. Besides the bandwidth issues that come with mobile streaming from your cell phone, other hiccups include someone calling your phone (yes, the phone you are using to stream!) which can disrupt the content or end the stream completely. What else? Your phone needs to be free so you can use it to interact with your community. Isn’t that what producing live is all about?


Enter the LiveU Solo. This product uses cellular bonding technology to add multiple cellular networks, bonded together- providing redundancy and reliability to the video encoding process.

LiveU's LRT products expect bandwidth fluctuation in real time, and corrects it accordingly. This helps content creators maintain a professional, sleek and efficient stream.

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