GTECH ev WORKFLOW: The 3 Corners of Workflow rule

Check out this article from G-Technology about how important having a good workflow. A good workflow can save you a lot of money in the long run. To find out more check out the article below

From G-Technology

In his early twenties, this writer bought his first car from his father. With no money and no credit, it was a total deal. Just take over the payments. Easy!

In the first three months of ownership, that car racked up over $2,000 in repair bills. Lesson learned: The cheapest, easiest route often costs much more in the end.

And yet, studios and producers often take this exact approach when selecting their gear, especially when it comes to storage.

We get it. Cameras are sexy; storage is not. Most creatives would rather discuss international lending policies than storage. But storage is not what we should be talking about. Hang with us a second, and let’s see if we can sexy the subject up a bit, at least where it matters most: the bottom line.

“Storage” is about drives, and a drive is some media in a little box that needs data and power connections. Of course, there are different kinds of drives and different quality levels, but the discussion rarely gets that far. In the vast majority of considerations, drives are about capacity and price. “We’re shooting a big project. Go buy lots of terabytes for the lowest cost.” It’s like taking over the payments on a lame car. more

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