Guide for moving from Studio to Liquid

AL7 pro upgradeAvid has posted this guide for moving from Studio to Liquid explaining how things are done in Studio vs Liquid. If you have moved from Studio to Liquid and are having difficulties or are contemplating the move, you should download and review this pdf file. You can find it here. Upgrading to Avid Liquid This document was written for Pinnacle Studio users who want to upgrade to Avid Liquid and achieve demonstrable results as quickly as possible. We’d like to help you find the functions you already know from Studio in Avid Liquid. In many cases there is no one-to-one correspondence - after all, they are two different programs. But Avid Liquid can do a lot more than Studio, which we assume is why you purchased it. Wherever practical and possible, we’ve arranged procedures from Studio side-by-side with similar procedures in Avid Liquid and explained the various technical terms. For example, what Studio calls a “scene†, Avid Liquid calls a “clip†. Expressions used in the Avid Liquid user interface are written in italics: Sequence (“Film†). Keys on the keyboard are represented as follows: F7 or SPACEBAR. This manual has two parts: The first part contains the most important things you need to know for quick startup. The second part describes more advanced functions. To a large extent, each user can configure his or her own Avid Liquid user interface. For the purposes of this document, however, we assume that the software is still in its “original state† as it was when first installed; for example, the tool buttons are in their original locations and the function keys execute the original commands. If you click a wrong tool button when working with Avid Liquid, simply use the Undo/Redo buttons When you want to know more about a subject in Avid Liquid, press F1. This opens Online Help, which contains the text of the printed Reference Manual. You can also use the Help index (key icon) to quickly find an explanation of unknown functions or tools. Have fun learning about Avid Liquid! Pinnacle Studio owners can upgrade to Avid Liquid for $299.95. You can also upgrade to the Avid Liquid Pro w/ professional breakout box for $479.95 after mail in rebate. Click here for more info

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