Hands on with Logickeyboard Backlit Keyboard for Final Cut Pro X

Hey Final Cut Pro editors! Here's an article that un-boxes and highlights Logickeyboard's Backlit Keyboard for Final Cut Pro X. These guys give it a thumbs up! From FCP.co

backlit keyboard Final Cut Pro XWe love to test hardware and software here at FCP.co. So when a new backlit Astra Final Cut Pro X keyboard from Logickeyboard arrived, it didn't stay in the box for long.

Are all keyboards the same? Does it really matter if you edit with an Apple low profile aluminium model or one of the new range of backlit keyboards that are now available.

I think it does. The new illuminated range of coloured keyboards help a lot.

The Logickeyboard Astra went straight into a bag and travelled to an FCPX job for a thorough test.

Three things I immediately noticed about the 'Astra' backlit FCPX.

First of all is the box, it's a very beefy box and good protection from the dreaded 'key pop off' problem if you have to transport the unit from suite to suite. Having knocked an old keyboard accidentally on the boot of my car in a rainy car park, I can assure you that getting keys back on in the wet and in a hurry isn't fun. The internal packing is slightly flimsy and was already torn when opened...[continue reading]

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