Hands on VEGAS Pro

This video and overview shows you how easy and feature rich the latest version of Vegas Pro software is for all of video editing needs. It'll give you a birds-eye view of what this software can do. Check it out:

VEGAS Pro is a comprehensive, all in one post production “must have” NLE companion with everything you need to create high end projects. I have used VEGAS Pro for more than ten years and yes, I am a Mac user, and yes, I have had Windows partition with BootCamp from day one on my MacBook Pro only for VEGAS PRO as that is my backpack studio. I use Vegas Pro a lot for my independent filmmaking, music and corporate videos and I’m quite happy with it because it gives me so much latitude and it is a truly comprehensive all in one set of tools that actually lets you finish the whole project from the beginning to the end within one software package. Really amazing – Bobby B. Grubic

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