Handy Guide to NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition Macros and Automation

In this video, Don Ballance introduces NewTek TriCaster Advanced Edition automation capabilities, teaching you how to create macros that enable you to repeat both simple and complex operation sequences at a single keypress. Becoming fluent in the language of creating and using macros allows users to harness the true production power available at their fingertips when creating multi-camera live video using a TriCaster. NewTek live production systems deliver awesome production power ‘right out of the box’. Their ability to simplify and automate custom operations and workflows, and to leverage the features and content of other platforms in the ecosystem, is the icing on the cake. This guide introduces all of these capabilities. DOWNLOAD THE Automation and Integration Guide.pdf HERE Even if you are the hands-on, never-ask-directions type, please peruse this page. If any questions arise later, you may find the information here allows you to jump directly to the details you need with a minimum of reading.
  •  PART I – OVERVIEW: The introduction to the NewTek ecosystem also explains the organization of this guide.
  •  PART II – AUTOMATION: Introduction to the NewTek product macro system, including the TriCaster™ and 3Play™ macro implementations, all about macro editing and management, and discussion of the numerous ways you can trigger macros.
  •  PART III – INTEGRATION: This section covers cross-product and cross-platform integration and communication.
  •  PART IV – APPENDICES: Information on the NewTek Developers Network, Third Party solutions, a master Macro Command list, and a time-saving comprehensive keyword index.

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