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Buying a New Video Editing Computer This New Year?

Top 5 Editing Computer Tips

Searching for and finding your "perfect" video editing computer can seem a daunting task, with so many products and options out there- but knowing your budget and what you need to get the job done will help you make the right decision.When shopping for your "perfect" editing computer, there are five important questions to be answered:

1. Should I get a PC or a Mac?
2. What specifications are important?
3. How do I get video into my computer to edit?
4. What editing software should I use? And
5. How can I share my video with others? We've got the answers next. Learn more when you read Top 5 Questions to Answer when Purchasing a Video Editing Computer.

The Right Video Software for You

The Right Video Software for You

There are many video editing software packages available today. So many, in fact, that it can be an overwheling task to choose the right video editing software for your needs. With prices ranging from free to thousands of dollars for professional video editing software, it's important to learn what features are out there and which will help improve you're next video production. We can take a closer look at the latest options and get a better sense of where to look for your next purchase. Learn more when you read Selecting the Right Video Editing Software.

Editing for Wedding

Editing for Wedding

Editing wedding videos used to be about catching all the right elements of the event: ceremony, cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc., but now wedding video editors are breaking new ground with cinematic looks. Here are some tips for staying abreast of the trends. The art of editing wedding videos begins and ends with the skills of cinematic storytelling. Consider this hypothetical statement from a modern-day wedding videographer: "My current project marries the cinematic look and feel of Sense and Sensibility with the tone and pacing of Sex and the City.- Sound like a stretch? It shouldn't - considering the fact that all of the cinematic tools once reserved for Hollywood film studios are now available to videographers in the era of digital cinema. Learn more when you read Cinematic is In - Editing Wedding Videos.

Amazing Advanced Effects in Editing

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Video is just video, but filters make it your own! If you want to personalize a style and create your own specialized look, filters can give your video a creative pizazz. Ever want to give your video a signature stylized look? Just like Jerry Bruckheimer (the name behind the CSI show), Michael Mann ("Heat"), and Michael Bay ("Transformers") you too can come up with your own signature style to leave an indelible mark on your video market. But how is it done? Learn more when you read Make it Look Suite (Using Advanced Effects In Editing).

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