HDV in the Real World

VideoSystems By Steve Mullen aspectHDTranscoding HDV into an intermediate codec is one way that NLEs reconcile computing power and video quality. CineForm employs an intermediate codec that it calls Carlsberg (CFHD) for its Aspect HD software. As you made your away around the nonlinear editor booths at NAB, it's very likely the manufacturers presented you with marketing messages that promoted their ideal way of editing HDV. It's also likely that you had at least a gut notion of what these sales pitches were about. But gut-level “feelings† are not a very good way to arrive at a purchasing decision. Of course, I'm willing to bet that despite these impassioned pitches, very few editors will switch from one NLE to another simply to gain access to a couple of neat features. I strongly suspect that if you currently use Brand X, you'll stick with Brand X unless the new version for HDV editing is simply disastrous. read more...

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