How Avid ISIS1000 Shared Storage Maximizes Workflow

Here's a great spotlight on a professional's experience using Avid ISIS 1000 - it's speed and flexibility are key benefits! ISIS1000 supports Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premeire Pro and FCPX and allows all your editors to share media.

Getting the Most Out of Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X with Avid ISIS1000 Shared Storage

Avid Blogs By Keri Middleton in Filmmaking OMNI produksjon is a post-production house based in the Norwegian town of Halden, approximately 120km from Oslo. Specialising in corporate projects and film and television productions, the facility recently installed Avid ISIS | 1000 shared storage as the foundation of its video editing, colour correction and 8K screening operations. OMNI’s founder Trond-Atle Bokerød explains the reasons for choosing the ISIS | 1000 and the major impact it has had on the company’s output. “I was a post-production producer for broadcast production companies in Norway and also worked for a number of the big post houses in the country. When I moved back to my home town I still wanted to work in TV and film, so I set up my own facility seven years ago. The kind of work we do now is 75 percent in the corporate market for energy and oil companies, and 25 percent TV and film. Our range of editing systems, including Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro, are great creative tools, but they didn’t have the shared storage server capability we need. That’s why we recently installed Avid ISIS | 1000 which we now use with Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro X, the DaVinci Resolve colour correction system and other programs. Having a really efficient workflow is essential for the kind of work we do, and we haven’t found anything else that’s good enough to work with our equipment.” “The Avid ISIS | 1000 did the job we wanted, at a price we could afford” — Trond-Atle Bokerød, OMNI’s founder “Storage is a big part of our ecosystem and it became a major priority last year when we started working with a large 8K screen – the only one in Norway – for visualisation and simulation purposes. For OMNI it’s about storytelling and how to make an impact. The screen is 15m wide and 3.5m tall in a small room, so it’s importantly to compose pictures the right way. Playout is done in conjunction with a 7thSense Delta media server. When we first started using this set-up we had to work from external hard drives to import the files for presenting on the big screen. That wasn’t ideal as it really requires large servers; we looked at a lot of server solutions but the price was always too high. Then I spoke to Video 4, Avid’s channel partner in Norway. We’ve worked with them many times over the years, they offer a lot of help and support and when we were looking at server solutions they said; I think the ISIS | 1000 is what you need. And they were right – the Avid ISIS | 1000 did the job we wanted, at a price we could afford. Previously it took approximately two to three hours to export a five-minute film but now it’s done in 15 minutes, with the ability to play directly from the ISIS | 1000.” “The server was installed at the end of October and as soon as it went in, it worked seamlessly. I feel a little bit spoiled in a way because everything worked as I’d dreamed – when we first tested the system everyone, including the freelancers, was applauding! We are situated about 90 minutes’ drive from Oslo but we’ve got good internet connection and that really works in connecting us to our clients. Everything is about being able to deliver fast when you work with corporate businesses. They want everything tomorrow, so you can’t take a lot of time to find the right hard drive. And it´s really important to have a collaborative workflow. External hard drives can never compete with the speed and flexibility of the Avid | ISIS. When it comes down to it, it’s all about how many hours you spend on a project. On the day of the ISIS | 1000 installation we went home at 4pm for the first time; suddenly projects for the large screen that would have taken three hours to copy took under one hour, with only one change. The way we work started to change in just a week, so in 12 months I reckon we’ll probably need another ISIS system to cope with additional projects and more clients. We’ve been successful as a small regional facility with two people working here full time and up to four freelancers, but the capability and performance of the ISIS | 1000 has given us great potential for expansion and taking on new staff – and that’s good news for a business like ours.”

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