How to control a PTZ camera with Zoom Video Conferencing

PTZOptics has recently posted a tutorial video about an exciting new Zoom Video Conferencing feature. Zoom video conferencing users can now enable a feature called "Far End Camera Control." This feature allows remote meeting participants the ability to control PTZOptics USB connected cameras. This ability is ideal for giving remote PTZ camera controls to anyone in the world. You can use this feature to have people help with your broadcast or video conference meetings.

How do PTZ cameras work with Zoom Video Conferencing?

PTZOptics has a new integration with Zoom Video Conferencing that only works with their USB camera models. This is because the PTZ camera controls used by Zoom work over a USB 3.0 connection to your computer. Here is a list of PTZOptics USB camera models that will work with remote PTZ camera controls.

Getting started with this feature starts with enabling the "Far End Camera Control" option in your Zoom dashboard. You can do this as an administrator of the Zoom account. Start by logging in and enabling the feature under "account settings." The video below walks users through this setup.

Once you have enabled the remote PTZ camera control features inside of your Zoom dashboard, it should work. Now anyone inside of your Zoom meetings can "request remote camera control." Meeting participants can do this by right-clicking the video of users with a PTZOptics USB camera. There is a step created for security which requires the PTZOptics camera users to approve camera controls. Once approved, the far end meeting participants will have full PTZ camera controls over your camera.

Who is using this feature?

Far end camera controls became popular in the Healthcare space because of Telemedicine. Doctors use video communication tools like VSee and Zoom video conferencing to remotely diagnose patients. Both VSee and Zoom offer remote PTZ camera control integration with PTZOptics in order to give doctors the ability to pan, tilt and zoom into patients. This feature allows doctors to see more clearly and better diagnose patients remotely with online communication technology.

Today, many other uses for remote PTZ camera operations have come to light. As live streaming and video production crews look for ways to remotely control PTZ cameras, Zoom has become a popular option because it is so easy to use. Houses of Worship are giving worship leaders the ability to control PTZOptics USB connected camera during broadcasts. Business presentations are allowing IT and admin professionals the ability to remote control PTZ cameras during important meetings. Even, educational institutions are using remote PTZ camera controls during distance learning sessions for students watching classes remotely.

Step by Step Setup Process

The Slideshare above published by PTZOptics walks users through how to use this powerful PTZ camera integration with Zoom. PTZOptics also offers PTZ camera control integrations with the popular Zoom Room solutions as well. Zoom Rooms give users the ability to control a PTZ camera at the "near end" of a video conference call. Zoom Rooms are designed for video conference meeting spaces. The same technology that is used for Zoom Room PTZ camera controls can be used for "far end" remote PTZ camera controls as well.

You can learn more about PTZOptics Zoom video conferencing integrations here.

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