How to Integrate LiveU Solo with Your Mixer/Switcher

LiveU recently released a great article that outlined how to integrate your LiveU device with a mixer or switcher. The article features a great look at the LiveU Solo. We're going to take a look at some of the finer points.

Wireless Remote Production with LiveU Solo

The article includes a diagram (below) LiveU details a setup featuring three LiveU Solos, located anywhere, streaming video back to an RTMP server on a computer connected to the same network.

RTMP MiniServer provides RTMP URLs that are entered into LiveU Solo’s web portal to send feeds to it. Then, it converts the received feeds into NDI (Network Device Interface) sources that automatically appear in any so[ware that supports NDI. This protocol enables simple sharing of video sources across a network.


One streaming engine that pairs nicely with the LiveU Solo is the Wowza ClearCaster. This streaming engine provides a RTMP push URL entered as a custom RTMP.

Wired Remote Production With LiveU Solo

The article includes a second diagram (below) detailing LiveU working with switcher software such as vMix, or Wirecast. Most switchers offer compatiblity to dedicated output cards connecting to your PC/Mac with Thunderbolt or PCI.

Check out the full article from LiveU, to learn more, HERE.

Learn more about LiveU HERE.

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