How to make a Direct Network Storage Solution with G-Tech G-Speed Studio XL drives

image0053This is part 2 of the guide published by Hurburt Visuals. Utilizing HPz workstations with 10Gbe network adapters allows them to create a lightning fast Direct Network Storage solution on a budget. In part 2 they walk you through the actual set up and configuration steps of the shared storage network. If you missed part 1, you can check it out here.
Hurburt Visuals by David Weldon Jr Creating a Direct Network Storage Solution for Post-Production Editing & Color Grading

Last month we introduced the tools you are going to need to build out your Direct Network Storage Solution. As Shane would say, now we are going to “dive right into the fire, head first!” Haha. We’re going to walk through how we built our system here at Hurlbut Visuals.

We had some much-needed help in this process. I want to make sure that I make you aware that this is not a “plug-and-play” type of setup. Shane called an old friend, Mike McCarthy of Bandito Brothers here in Los Angeles. Mike is a Technical Engineer, Guru, Savant. You name it, this man can do it. He’s brilliant. Mike also set up a similar system for David Fincher building out Fincher’s editing team with HP Z840 workstations and a Direct Network setup. I would highly recommend enlisting someone like Mike McCarthy in your area, someone you know or know of who is extremely proficient in this area of technology.

Our Objectives of Creating this System

Many of you may be familiar with the terms NAS (Network Attached Storage) or SAN (Shared Attached Network). These are two setups that are relatively similar to each other, and they essentially allow for multiple editors or colorists to connect to the same area where the footage they need is located. Thus it is referred to as the connection being “shared.”

With a NAS or SAN, you would use a network switch like this one to connect multiple edit bays or color bays to work off the same system. Your NAS or SAN would connect into the switch, and then the individual computers would connect to the switch, completing the connection. read more...

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