How to Overcome Live Streaming Fears: Ask the Experts

Ian Anderson Gray is the founder of Confident Marketing Live Academy. Recently, he sat down with to talk about how to get started live streaming.

In the discussion, they went over some of the most common fears that stop people from jumping into live streaming, and how to overcome them.

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6 Common Fears to Overcome When Live Streaming

  1. Imposter Syndrome: Imposter syndrome is when streamers doubt their worth. Often those looking to live stream ask themselves, "who are you to contact the world".
  2. Comparison Syndrome: Streaming beginners often have a tendency to compare their work to other popular streams. This can be both helpful or harmful to your stream.
  3. Perfection Syndrome: First time streamers often focus too heavily on perfection. It's worth noting that your fourth show will always be better than your first, so always leave room to grow.
  4. Introversion: An introverted personality is likely to initially struggle when jumping into live streaming.
  5. Tech Excuse: Often times the excuse to not stream lies in the technology. Some beginners will believe they don't have high enough quality gear to create engaging content.
  6. Feeling Like an Idiot: Many people have trouble breaking down their inhibitions, or feel like they are talking to themselves- they feel foolish.

The answer to all of these fears is to jump in. There will always be a million reasons not to do something, but if you never start you will never succeed.

Tips to Overcome these Fears

  1. Familiarize Yourself with Live Streaming Tech and Gear: It's important not to let technology intimidate you. It can be an awesome tool to improve your stream, and the more familiar you are the better your stream will be.
    Ultimately, all live streaming boils down to a solid internet connection, and knowledge of your gear.
  2. Computer vs Smartphone: Many smaller streams can now be run completely via your smartphone. But, as users bring in more and more elements, they will find that they need the processing power of a computer.
    ProTip: Your computer memory should be at least 26GB, your processor should be at least Quad-Core i7, and you should have a dedicated processor for your graphics.
  3. Internet Connection: Your live stream is only as good as your internet connection. If you have a poor connection you will not have a quality stream that is easy to watch. Be sure to have a hard wired connection if possible, and a robust network.
  4. Microphone and Lighting: Production quality will make your stream infinitely more watchable. Properly lighting your shot and using dedicated external microphones will engage your audience more than if these steps were skipped.
  5. Software and Live Streaming Tools: A multi camera or even a high quality single camera shoot, may require a streaming or mixing software. As previously stated, knowing the requirements of your software will set you up for greater success.
  6. Plan Your Live Streaming Process: It is important to plan your show. There is a major difference between a show that has been planned meticulously over a show that is being created on the fly. Both on a technical and showman level, the more planning and testing you do the better the stream will be.
  7. Stop Trying to be Perfect: Don't try to be perfect, and don't sweat the small stuff. Mistakes do happen, but the show must go on. Learn from each mistake, and put the experience towards constantly improving and evolving your stream.

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