How to Update your Birddog P200 PTZ Camera Firmware

Tom Sinclair from Eastern Shore Broadcasting produces a mass amount of resources for those working in the streaming space. The BirdDog Eyes P200 is an incredibly popular PTZ camera, with a new host of color correction features. In a recent video, Sinclair outlines how to update the P200 Firmware.

BirdDogs latest firmware update to their Eyes P200 unlocks incredible potential for the already powerful PTZ camera. This update includes advanced control and color correction capability.

On this show I demonstrate how to update the baseboard and the firmware for the BirdDog P200 PTZ 30X camera. There are two separate processes to the "firmware" update. It is important to get both done and in the correct order. Enjoy!

-Eastern Shore Broadcasting

Check out this tutorial outlining how to update your BirdDog P200.


Check out the video on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about BirdDog HERE.

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