How To Videos - 10 Tips to Making More Effective Training Videos

Videomaker by Jennifer O'Rourke

How To videos and training videos are everywhere - from how to install a car engine to how to saddle a horse or build a model train, and many people think that since they know how to do something well that they can use video sharing to teach theses skills or techniques. Not necessarily.

If there's one thing YouTube and the ease of video sharing has brought us, it's an easy way to scrutinize how other people make videos. Mostly - bad videos, but you can learn from the bad just as well as from the good.

Like any specialized movie or video genre, training videos have special needs that other videos might not employ. Documentaries don't have to tell you how the ancients built a pyramid, they just have to speculate on how it might have happened. Action movies don't have to tell you how to diffuse a bomb, they just imply that it can be done by cutting the green wire - no, wait, was that the white wire?... and the audience believes it.

Training videos or how to videos need certain points of action to give their audience not only the steps to making that model train, but the confidence that they're doing it right. The best training videos follow a good tight format, and these 10 elements can help you make the best training videos, and leave your audience wanting more: read more...

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