HuddleCamHD 4k ePTZ Itself is Impressive

The HuddleCamHD 4K ePTZ webcam is the most powerful webcam on the internet. With108-degree horizontal field of view and 56.25-degree vertical field of view this webcam in quite impressive. With the pandemic taking its turn on the world, many people need the right tools to get the job done remotely. This webcam might be the answer!

Church Production's Mark Hanna reviews the HuddleCamHD Pro webcam. Check out some of the highlights of his review. 


"The other real advantage of the 4K resolution is that you can set up multiple preset shots and switch between them using just one camera. For example, if there are four people, you can preset a tight shot of each person, a shot of each side of the table, and a wide shot, and cut between them as needed. Switching shots is as easy as changing channels on a TV remote, which is excellent for video conferencing. It gets better when you consider that the ePTZ is equipped with an auto-frame feature."


"The ePTZ is plug and play, and in my tests I had it working in a Google Meeting within moments of getting it unboxed. The image looked far better than the built-in webcam from my MacBook Pro. The menu system is easy to understand and navigate, and the remote works precisely like a standard TV remote. Once your shots are preset, switching between shots is as easy as changing the channel"


"In conclusion, many churches have revamped and made serious changes to go to an online-only format. Some churches are currently streaming with whatever consumer camera they were able to beg, borrow, or steal from the congregation. In that case, being able to use a professional quality webcam like the HuddleCamHD ePTZ, right into OBS, offers a significant upgrade with less moving parts. Also, being able to switch through a few different shots during a worship service using just one camera raises the overall production value of your webstream. Even without having volunteers available, the EPTZ can do almost all the work using the auto-reframing feature."


Check out the full review here!

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