I Am Not My NLE!

AOTG by iamnotmynleI’m going to start this article the way I respond to people when they ask what NLE I use. “It is irrelevant what NLE you use. The general public will not go to a movie or watch a TV show and say, Wow, that was cut on [Insert NLE Here]. They will say, that movie was good or that movie was bad.” Sure, editors might have their preference of NLE, but I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to hear people drone on about the same arguments, over and over, why [Insert NLE Here] isn’t as good as [Insert Other NLE Here]. We could be talking about the craft, we could be talking about story, structure, pacing, techniques, but no, we always fall into NLE tech talk. This is partially because of the In-Group/Out-Group dynamics that Gordon Burkell mentioned in his article, The Psychology of the Cutting Room. You’re either in a particular NLE group or you aren’t, and you feel a connection to those who are aligned with you. So why am I writing this? It’s simple, I’m writing this because I started to see some change, a glimmer of hope perhaps. That was until Focus used FCPX to edit. (Full Disclosure: I use Avid, FCP up to 7, Premiere Pro, and even at one time Media 100. I have the latest version of FCPX, but I haven’t had a job that required it) read more...

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