IBC 2012 – Adobe Introduces Collaborative Editing, A Discount For Switching To CS6 & Retina Support

HDVideoPro by Neil Matsumoto

Adobe continues its path at being one of the most innovative video post solutions company in the industry. At IBC, they recently announced an exciting new platform – Adobe Anywhere. You probably knew that Cloud Computing was available, but how about Cloud Editing? The new workflow platform allows users of Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Prelude (CS6) the ability to collaborate on a project while working in different locations using centralized media and assets over any type of network. So let’s say you’re working on a project in London but your editor works from his home in Los Angeles. After shooting for a full day, you can upload your shots or files, do a rough cut, and your editor in LA can begin his or her edit while you sleep. When you wake up the next morning, you log into Adobe Anywhere and begin making notes and/or changes to the cut. What makes Adobe Anywhere special is that it can be used on existing hardware and network infrastructures, reducing the need for additional hardware or software. You also don’t have to learn any additional software since Anywhere works within the Premiere Pro, After Effects and Prelude programs. What’s also great is that you’re still able to work with 1080 full HD files and not smaller sized proxy files, as a result of the Adobe’s new Mercury Streaming Engine.

Here’s a demo vid in which Project Manager Michael Coleman and Adobe Worldwide Evangelist Jason Levine introduce Adobe Anywhere.

Since it’s release, CS6 has really taken off for users who were not satisfied with Apple’s release of FCP X for working on professional productions. Now Adobe is offering a new promotional offer targeted right at Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer users who want to make the switch to CS6 Production Premium and/or the Adobe Creative Cloud. Qualified Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer buyers are eligible for 30% off Production Premium read more...

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