IBC 2017: Adobes Upcoming Updates to Creative Cloud

Sean Berry from VideoMaker gives us the latest insight on Adobe and the new updates revealed from IBC 2017. Adobe has many new exciting updates including updates in VR/360 video editing. AT IBC 2017 this week, Adobe announced forthcoming updates to the Adobe Creative Cloud. At the event, Adobe will showcase the updates that they have made in VR/360, animation, motion graphics, editing and collaboration. Most of these features are powered by Adobe’s artificial intelligence and machine learning framework, Adobe Sensei, which was launched about a year ago. Let's get into some of the updates that Adobe is adding to the Creative Cloud.

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First, Adobe says that motion graphic templates in After Effects will be easier to access because now editors can pull templates right from Adobe Stock and through Creative Cloud Libraries. Adobe’s Character Animator 1.0 is also getting an update. Adobe reports that there will be changes to its core animation functions, which include pose-to-pose blending, new physics behaviors and visual puppet controls. And Adobe’s AI, Sensei, is suppose to help improve lip-syncing by matching you character model’s mouth shapes with your spoken audio..... Click here to read the full article on Videomaker

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