Ice Cold Gold editor tweets a ton of Avid tips

PVC by Scott Simmons

It's only 140 characters but you can make some good tips in a small space if you try

Twitter is always a good place to chat about film and video post-production. It’s also a great place to pick up tips and tricks. Recently editor David Michael Maurer spent his Twitter day tweeting a slew of Avid Media Composer tips and tricks. It’s often tricky to distil a complex editing tip into 140 characters but Mr. Maurer did a good job. Since not everyone who would like to see some good Avid tips is on Twitter I’ve reposted those here, with permission.

Dave is a great guy and I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with him a few times over the years. Sure American Idol and The Apprentice are big shows by my favorite credit of his is Whale Wars. He’s recently been working on Ice Cold Gold so I’m not sure where he got time to put together this list of Avid Media Composer tips. But then again if you know your tools well coming up with 140 characters at a time is probably second nature.

I’ve added a few images here and there to fill out some of the tweets. These are in reverse order from the first one Dave tweeted to the last. read more...

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