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ikan kit
ikan Kit with 3 x iLED312-v2

The Kit delivers field-tested reliability, solid construction, and all the features required for professional performance. The 3-Point Light Kit features include bi-color capabilities and a 60-degree angle that delivers reliable, consistent performance

Ikan kit bi color
ikan Kit with 3 x IB508-v2 Bi-color LED Studio Light

The IB508-v2 LED Studio Light is an ultra-lightweight, portable LED lighting solution that features bi-color LED bulbs from 3200K tungsten to 5600K daylight. The IB508-v2 is powered by the 2 included Sony “L” series batteries, and includes an on-board battery life indicator, diffuser, battery charger and a ball head mount.

ikan kit 3 ifb576
ikan Kit with 3 x IFB576 Lights w/ AB and V-Mount Plates

The IFB576 Featherweight Bi-Color LED Light features 576 energy efficient LED lights that allow you to easily adjust and control the color temperature between 3200K Tungsten and 5600K Daylight using the LCD touchscreen.

piatto ikan 6"
ikan PL60 6" Diameter Accent

The fixture's slim profile allows you to place the light in numerous shooting environments.

$239.00 Buy-Now-button
Also Available: ikan PL90 | Piatto 9" Diameter Accent Light - $319.00
IKAN FIELD MONITORS ikan manufacturers a vast selection of professional field monitors. Click here to check out a Filed Monitor Comparison Chart at ikancorp.com or call Videoguys at 800-323-2325.
Ikan vh8-1
ikan VH8-1 8" HDMI 1600x768 Monitor with Ultra-Wide HD Panel

ikan welcomes the VH8 equipped with an ultra wide screen that displays 1600 X 768­­­­­­­ Ultra wide HD LCD panel. Includes Canon 900, Sony L, Panasonic D54 Battery Plates.

ikan vk7i
ikan VK7i-1 7" LCD 1200x800 Monitor w/ IPS Panel

The VK7i now employs an HD IPS (In-plane Switching) LCD panel, giving the monitor 1280 x 800 resolution, wider viewing angles and exceptional color rendition. Includes Canon 900, Sony L, Panasonic D54 Battery Plates.

$499.00 Buy-Now-button
ikan vx7c-1
ikan VX7c-1 7" 3G-SDI 1280x800 Monitor with Signal Conversion

The VX7c keeps the beautiful high resolution 1280 x 800 IPS panel and everything else that made the VX7i great and adds digital signal conversion as well as histogram. Includes Canon 900, Sony L, Panasonic D54 Battery Plates.

ikan d12
ikan D12 11.6" 3G-SDI Full HD 1920x1080 Monitor w/ IPS Panel

The D12 is ikan’s newest member of the D-Series monitors. It features a beautiful full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS panel with great viewing angles and amazing color reproduction.

IKAN CAMERA SUPPORT ikan is an award-winning manufacturer with a huge selection of support systems and rigs available for all of today's leading cameras and your production needs. Here are some of our best sellers with many more available. For more information call Videoguys at 800-323-2325.
ikan flyweight shoulder rig
ikan Flyweight DSLR Shoulder Rig

A lightweight shoulder pad system that allows you to rest the rig comfortably on your shoulders and chest for stability. The baseplate has vertical and horizontal adjustments and the tripod mounting plate accepts industry-standard quick-release plates or larger wedge-style plates. Heavy-duty non-slip rubberized grips have ¼”-20 threaded mounting points for attaching accessories.

ikan tilta camera rig a7s
ikan TILTA Camera Rig for SONY a7S

Armor cage custom-designed for the Sony a7S camera with a Built-in lens mount adapter support and a 4-way handle on top with cold shoe mount.

ikan  fs7
ikan TILTA Camera Rig for SONY FS7

15mm VCT shoulder pad baseplate w/ 2 Arri standard rosette mounts and a Camera front plate with a built in lens adapter support. Top plate designed to fit around the existing FS7 top handle.


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