iMac Upgrades are Great for Post


When Apple quietly updated the iMac with new, speedier Intel Haswell processors and faster PCI-e flash storage, plus 802.11ac WiFi, it was met with little interest. But this speed bump is of great advantage to video editors using Final Cut Pro X, Lightworks, Premiere Pro CC and more

With the completely re-designed, extremely fast Mac Pro right around the corner, and prices still unknown (but likely high), there is an argument to be made to take advantage of the late-2013 iMac models. While the thin, updated exterior remains the same from late 2012, everything is new under the hood.

Post-ready features

The fast graphics and Haswell processors make the new iMacs a great and affordable upgrade for video editors using Apple-supported NLEs, including Final Cut Pro X, the upcoming Lightworks for Mac, Premiere Pro CC and Avid. It'll also do wonders with graphics programs like After Effects CC and Motion 5.

Because of the way the RAM is situated in the iMac, we recommend ordering as much as possible when buying your system, at least 8 GB. The 21.5-inch model can support up to 16 GB of 1600 MHz DDR3 memory, while the 27-inch unit can handle up to 32 GB. We also suggest getting the Apple Fusion Drive, a combined hard disk drive and flash drive, which can help give you faster boot up and app launch times. read more...

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