“iMovie Pro” Dazzles Professional Editors

The DV Show by Steve Miller

Steve Miller, owner of Reeltime Video and long time listener, participated in this year’s NAB SuperMeet. He gives us his take on the new release of Final Cut Pro:

With the recent launch of Final Cut X I can’t help but feel that every professional editor in the world, who makes their living off of editing video, just had their credentials lowered or blown to bits.

It seems like I was instantly pulled from the “elite editor pro club” – those people who were specialized, mastered and skilled to edit with the elusive Final Cut Pro. Now I’m reduced down into the same category as a consumer editor with this new release. The door is opened for everyone to have a copy of Final Cut Pro and say they “know” how to edit and even worse, call themselves “professional.”

I shunned iMovie thinking it was for wannabe newbies and laughed at Final Cut Express because it was for the amateur prosumer crowd. Final Cut Pro put us into a class all our own. I was proud to call myself pro and charge the big bucks associated with my advanced knowledge of the best editing software on the planet. read more...

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