iMovie Prosumer Plus = Final Cut Pro X. For now.

NeedCreative by Paul Antico

In my short time with Final Cut Pro X, in hand, in use, I can tell you this: In it's current form it is a wonderful, incredible, Prosumer version of iMovie.

This is not to say that it will never be what it needs to be, or where it has to be. It's a V1.0 app (despite being called Version 10), and Apple has said in many ways that they are going to add functionality. FCP has had a lot of updates over the years (for free) so I believe this. It has problems. But it is also a pretty wonderful new way to work.

Now, I am not going to cover all the minutia that other people have gone through, but rather I will talk practically about my experience.

This is actually a short post, at least initially. I will update it organically over time as I have more time with the program. But for now I will say this: FCPX is built on a wonderful new foundation and it's super fast. It has some new paradigms for the way you think and edit and frankly, I think it's an improvement over past iterations. It's more organic, fun, and just an more enlightening experience on many levels for working with video. It's in many respects exactly what I wanted in that I can edit more with my creative brain instead of my thinking/techy brain. I'm not fighting with the software and instead able to get ideas out on the screen. read more...

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