How to Reduce Echo in Your Video

If you are putting together a live production and streaming studio, this article on improving your audio is a great resource. For more tips on gear, hardware essentials, etc for setting up your studio, please check out our DIY Guide here.

Improve Your Audio: How to Reduce Echo in Your Video

From Wistia reduce-echo-video-blogBad sounding audio can ruin even the best of videos. A common problem we hear about in the business video community is "roomy" or "echoey" audio. That's because most of us aren’t shooting in acoustically treated studios designed for sound recording! When it comes to recording sound for your video, there are three main variables to think about: the environment you’re recording in, how far your microphone is from the sound source, and what kind of microphone you are using. At Wistia, we do some small things in each area to try to make our sound as natural and clear as possible. [Watch the video]

Control the environment

An empty room with nothing on the walls and no carpet is your worst audio nightmare. To combat this, you need to 'deaden' or 'soften' the room. In other words, bring in things to help absorb the sound...[continue reading]

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