In Review: LiveU Solo

If you're looking into buying the LiveU Solo for streaming sporting events, social events, or any situation where you need a fail-safe network connection, this article is a good place to start. We're big fans of this bonded, cellular encoder. Take a look at this article and give us a call if you want more information, need practical advice, or want to describe your workflow - we'll do our best to help you find a working solution! Don't miss our special bundles, too, where we've paired the LiveU Solo HDMI with the SlingStudio Live Production Platform. From ProductionHub

liveu solo reviewedThe LiveU Solo delivers when it matters the most. In game, live and with no loss of continuity! And continuity is so important. I thought about that as I was getting ready to shoot a couple of important basketball games. I should say very important games since it was going test it out for my daughter’s team. No pressure!

After setting up, I had other shooters coming over to check out the LiveU Solo. Lots of questions came flying my way. What is that? How does it work? Are you going live? How are you doing that?

You know you have a good thing going when other shooters start checking out what YOU got going on. So I got through that part then it was all down to business. But I am getting ahead of myself so let me back up a little bit first.

How Does LiveU Solo Work?

LiveU Solo is a cool live streaming device that leverages LiveU broadcast technology that television broadcasters use for their live remote coverage instead of satellite uplink or microwave technologies. The LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT) and patented cellular bonding creates a single, robust connection and adapts the video quality to changing conditions so you don’t lose a stream and always stream with the best possible more

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