In the Studio: Focus Enhancements MCSDI-1

EventDV by MCSDI-1Technology seems to keep pushing the envelope, making things smaller, cheaper, faster. Sometimes, it’s a good thing; at other times, it’s a royal pain. This is one of those "good thing" moments. Focus Enhancements is now offering a device called the MCSDI-1. This isn’t a product that will serve every videographer situation that every videographer will have. But when the time comes, you’ll be glad (as I am) that they made this puppy. The MCSDI-1 is a small box that can attach underneath your video camera, and then to your tripod. But it’s a box with a lot of power. It can take composite, component, audio, and HDMI input from either an SD or HD source (such as an SD or HD video camera), automatically detect the format, and output that video and audio uncompressed through an auto-switch SD/HD SDI port. All of this for a price tag of only $699. What’s really cool about this device is its size and affordability. It allows smaller, cheaper cameras to function with an uncompressed signal in a broadcast type of environment. Instead of having four big, expensive, SD broadcast cameras, you can have four smaller, more affordable prosumer HD cameras giving you the same, if not better, image performance. The price of expensive broadcast studio productions just came down quite a bit! read more...

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