Industry Execs Talk NewTek NDI 5

NDI 5 has finally been released, and with it comes a ton of new features and promise of new potential for remote video streamers and producers. NDI 5 can be downloaded for free HERE. recently posted a great article discussing the industries reaction to NewTek's NDI 5. We're taking a look at some highlights from that article below.

“NDI has always been about the community, from individual visual storytellers to global software houses and manufacturers.  I simply cannot wait to see the amazing ways they employ NDI in this AV-over-IP revolution.”
-Michael Namatinia, president, NDI

BirdDog on NDI 5:

BirdDog CEO, Dan Miall, sees NDI 5 as a change in what broadcasters can reach, globally.  It also means the gateway for new products like the BirdDog Play device.  

"This is the world’s smallest and lowest cost NDI decoder supporting high bandwidth NDI, NDI|HX, and the new NDI Bridge and NDI Remote protocols. Thanks to the NDI team, we’re really excited about today and into the future.”
-Dan Miall

PTZOptics on NDI 5:

PTZOptics has been following NDI since it's release in 2015.  Version 5, to them, marks a significant land mark.  With additions like NDI Bridge and NDI Remote, there's a ton here for broadcasters to add to their tool kit. 

Check out the full article HERE.

Learn more about NewTek HERE.

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