Inside Gone Girl?s 6K Review and Editorial Pipeline

StudioDaily by Bryant Frazer

Billed as the first feature film shot entirely at 6K resolution, David Fincher's Gone Girl is also the first studio feature edited entirely in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, by two-time Oscar-winner Kirk Baxter, ACE. Needless to say, Adobe is giddy about that news. And Nvidia, which makes GPUs that drive Adobe's hardware-accelerated Mercury Playback Engine, is almost as excited.

Nvidia is launching a new generation of its Quadro workstation GPUs at SIGGRAPH this week (see our coverage here), and the company announced that Gone Girl is the first feature film to use the brand-new Quadro K5200 GPU in its pipeline. Red footage was converted to DPX using a GPU-accelerated system for efficient delivery to VFX. For the creative edit, footage was converted to 2.5K ProRes files, corresponding to a 5K center extraction, and the editors viewed a 1920?1080 timeline. The Quadro-based workflow also supported up to four streams of 6K multi-camera playback with repositioning, stabilization and color-correction happening in real time, Nvidia said, and also allowed real-time downscaling of 6K footage to 4K.

GPU debayering eliminated the need for specialized hardware to accelerate the processing of Red footage, allowing multiple workstations to be used rather than funneling everything through a single system equipped with a Red Rocket card. read more...

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