Interview: Adobe Director of Video Project Management Bill Roberts

Streaming Media Producer by Jan Ozer

Jan Ozer sits down with Bill Roberts to discuss the trends impacting the future direction of Adobe Creative Suite for video pros, including the decline of 3D, the rise of 4K, and second-screen viewing. Other topics included the growth of Creative Cloud, and the development arc of Apple Final Cut Pro X.

3D vs. 4K

SMP: What trends do you see driving the next few releases of the Creative Suite?

Roberts: One that's front-of-mind is the adoption of high-frame rate 4K formats for acquisition. Adobe just finished exhibiting at Inter BEE in Japan, which is similar to NAB here in the States. There we showed 4K workflows with JVC and Sony.

It's pretty clear that the 3D craze for the home is dying down. Panasonic recently announced that they were dropping their 3D TV sets, while Sony announced that they were rolling out 4K sets. Japan is primed for a move to 4K as they adopted HD early back when it was driven by tape-based formats. When these producers move to 4K, they'll need a file-based workflow, which we first added to CS6 via Adobe Prelude. Lots of producers who came by our booth at Inter BEE were very excited about Prelude and our 4K support.

SMP: How will this drive CS6 development?

Roberts: Fortunately, because we designed all of our products to optimize editing in native formats regardless of frame size or frame rate, it's simple to add support for most new 4K formats as vendors release them. We just tell our users they need faster hard drives. read more...

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