Interview with Dave Hill on Sony Vegas Pro 8

FreshDV by Eugenia Loli-Queru Vegas Pro 8Following the recent release of Sony Vegas Pro 8 video editing suite, today we host an interview with Sony Media Software’s VP of Technology Dave C. Hill who talks to us about the new product, the engineering hurdles his team faced and more. 1. What’s the most important new feature in Vegas Pro 8 in your opinion? Dave C. Hill: All the new features are important but because Vegas has such a broad user base it is hard to prioritize them. We’re very excited about the new creative options that the ProType titler brings, 32-bit float processing allows very high end image processing, digital signage we expect to be a growth area (at least within our own company), we’ve got some very interesting new AVC related technologies, the audio console and rotuing enhancements will really benefit the pro audio people, we’ve got new formats and workflow improvements like multicamera and smart MPEG HD rendering†¦but again, what matters most is going vary per user. 2. Which feature was the most difficult to implement and why? Dave C. Hill: Float processing involved quite a bit of intensive math, the titler obviously is a massive undertaking, smart rendering MPEG was not particularly easy, all of the under the hood multithreading improvements to a lot of work, and let’s not forget the Vista port- that didn’t just fall out of the sky. Really everything we do requires a ton of collaborative effort, and “most difficult† would be hard to pin a badge on. read more...

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