Introducing Avid MediaCentral Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro!

Avid is continuously working to make better, easier and more efficient workflows for it’s editors. Recently the folks at Avid collaborated with Adobe to do just that.

Avid and Adobe have set out to solve the issue of NLE’s not working together, or stopping editors from working on all platforms. With this goal in mind, Avid has released the MediaCentral Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro.

With the latest update to MediaCentral Avid Bins and sequences can be added into Adobe Premiere pro, with complete layers and third party effects.  

Among many other features, Avid’s MediaCentral is a browser based way for users to ingest, search (metadata and phonetic), access, edit (4 tracks of video and 8 tracks of audio), with simple transitions, publish content to social media in the right aspect ratios with graphics and closed captioning capabilities. Its an amazing way to help search and organize assets on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both.

Check out this article from to learn more. 

Learn more about Avid HERE.

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