Introducing the New SlingStudio Bundles with LiveU Solo Connect Starter Kits | Videoguys News Day 2sDay (12-17-19)

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Gary hosts another webinar today introducing the brand new SlingStudio Bundles with the LiveU Solo Connect Starter Kits! This takes wireless streaming to a whole new level of reliability!

The SlingStudio Hub is a product unlike any other. It makes streaming easy, portable, and possible for anyone! Streaming on the go in the middle of a field is now possible. But what about Switching? That's no problem either.

It's easy to switch multiple cameras with the SlingStudio Console App. Use it from any Ipad or Mac! Use your phone as a camera! And the CameraLink makes any camera with an HDMI out a wireless source.

Videoguys has many option for bundles with the SlingStudio. But these are the three we highly recomend

LiveU has introduced the new Solo Connect Starter Kits. Thus taking much of the hassle out of finding the right modems for wireless streaming. These Starter Kits come with a 2 Modems or 2 Modesm with a Mifi Adapter.

Pairing these with the SlingStudio is the ultimate way to go from being a zero to a hero! Never lose internet connection again anywhere. On a hike? You can stream. In the middle of a baseball field? You can stream. On a bridge reporting the weather. You can stream!

Previously, Gary made a short video talking about Failure is not an option. Check that out right here!

AND IT'S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3!

Bundles Available from Videoguys

These bundles come with savings now until 12/31/19! Gary walks through just how much is being saved instead of buying everything individually!

SlingStudio Bundles with LiveU Solo Connect Starter Kits
SlingStudio Bundles with LiveU Solo Connect Starter Kits

Get the Bundle RIGHT HERE!

Watch the Full Webinar Here!

Learn More about SlingStudio Here!

Check out LiveU Here

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