Introducing the PTZOptics 4th Generation IP or Serial Joystick

Today's Videoguys Live Webinar is all about PTZOptics PTZ Camera controllers, specifically the PTZOptics 4th Generation IP or Serial Joystick.  Host, Oliver Ricketts, is joined by Paul Richards from PTZOptics and StreamGeeks to discuss the family of controllers, NDI 5 and what it all means for the industry as a whole.  

Check out the full webinar, below. 

PTZOptics Family of Controllers:

The PTZOptics family of controllers includes three controllers, including the Serial Joystick at $299, the PTJoystick G4 at $549 and the SuperJoy controller at $899. 

Check out this chart of the features of each joystick:

When do I need a Controller for my Live Streaming Setup? 

  • If you're controlling multiple PTZ cameras, a controller might be easier and more straight forward than a smart phone app/remote or screen controller
  • Some users prefer a tactile feel for their controller, rather than a touch screen
  • Controllers like the SuperJoy and 4th Generation IP controller include additional features and preset capabilities!

PTZOptics 4th Generation IP Controller

​The 4th Generation IP Controller is compatible with most PTZOptics cameras and can also operate other cameras as well, switching between serial or IP protocols.  This includes cameras from SONY and NewTek cameras among others.  It also allows for a great deal of control over your picture, and a very exciting online UI.

PTZOptics SuperJoy

This is a  PTZ camera joystick controller designed for smooth, efficient production workflows. The SuperJoy takes remote pan, tilt, and zoom camera operations to the next level in a simplified user interface with advanced controls for power users.

Check out our Product Spotlight on the SuperJoy here!

 Take Advantage of Federal Grant Money

Federal Grant money is available for local education facilities and organizations.

As budgets are being made for next year, take advantage of federal grant money as an opportunity to build and upgrade your system, including PTZ Cameras and controllers

Paul gives some great insight on ways to take advantage and apply for these grants! Often all it takes is a little of your time, and now a lot of money can be at your fingerprints to help you sell your story better!

Because remember: Pro AV, Digital Signage, and Video Conferencing Classrooms and Conference Rooms are becoming more and more Prominent.


There is no easier way to better tell your story than with NDI! Paul Richards gaves a fantastic walkthrough of his zoom room created with Zoom's ALL NEW NDI Zoom Room App available for iPhones! 

​Watch the full webinar here!

Learn more about PTZOptics here!

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